2a. Var Finder

The Var Finder supports you to find and handle dynamically-exchanged session parameters in an easy way.
For further information on dynamically exchanged variables and the Var Finder please check this page.

Instructions for using the Var Finder:

  1. First - before using the Var Finder - delete or filter out all unwanted URL calls to external web servers such as advertising servers or session tracking servers (for example Google Analytics). This can be performed in the ZebraTester Main Menu. Then call this Var Finder Menu again. After that, you can disable the column Host in the list below.

  2. Review the column Recorded Value in the list below. Try to estimate which values could be dynamically-exchanged session parameters. If a value is a large number or a cryptic string it is probably a dynamically-exchanged session parameter. Hint: Parameters that are named __VIEWSTATE or __EVENTVALIDATION are always dynamically-exchanged session parameters. On the other hand, all input data which you have entered in HTML forms during the recording of your web surfing session (for example a user name or a password of a login form) are NOT dynamically-exchanged session parameters. Hint: you can use an Input File to assign an own username and password for each simulated user.

For each potential dynamically-exchanged session parameter, click on the icon on the left hand of the Parameter Name and follow the instructions.

To get an overview of which parameters are already processed as a dynamically-exchanged session parameter you can click on the Refresh icon at the upper right corner of this window. Already processed parameters are characterized in that a variable name is shown in the column Var Name.



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