3. Recording Session Replay

Starting from ZebraTester V5.5F with Java 8, users can replay the recorded session; useful for the users doing the scripting on the recorded session.

Please set the Replay Settings from the newly relocated (from the original Personal Settings location), dedicated and consolidated, Replay Settings button on the Replay Recording page.

In the Personal Settings-Replay Settings, you can set the:

  • Number of Loops: limits the number of web surfing session repetitions (iterations). The replay stops if this limit has reached. Once set, you can select which replay loop to compare to the original data.

    • The range is 1-100,000 loops

  • Character Encoding: Defines which character set is used to search strings within the received content and for data that are read from input files. Usually, you can use the default option UTF-8.
    However, if you execute some tests which contain ISO characters, it is recommended that you use the character set ISO-8859-1 to avoid problems with special characters.

  • Strip Referer Header Field: The HTTP referer header field is not commonly used by web applications, and also often dropped by (local) internet security tools. Enabling this option reduces the data transfer and makes the load test program smaller.

  • Strip Accept Header Field to */*: The HTTP Accept header field is not commonly used by web applications but contains a long text string. Setting the accept header field to */* reduces the data transfer and makes the load test program smaller.

  • Additional Options: Several additional options for executing the replay can be combined by adding a blank char between each of the options 

  • User-Agent Options/Browser Emulation (User Agents and Caching)

  • Browser Cache Options: This option emulates the cache setting of a real browser.

Please be aware that each browser will have its own cache size so that capacity will affect the response of that browser and so can differ from browser to browser.

  • Check for newer versions of stored pages every time: when enabled, ZebraTester will check for later versions of the specified URL than those stored in the cache.






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