5. Execution Control - URL Loops

Define URL loops by starting at the Main Menu and the line of the URL that you want to start a URL loop at.


The Add Transaction/Insert Page Break/URL Loop Dialog will appear.

Select the URL Loop Tab:

URL Loop Input Fields:

  • Entry Condition: Create a condition to be satisfied in order to start the loop.

    • An existing Variable can be selected

    • It can be made a mandatory condition based on the value of a variable.

  • URL Loop Description: The Name of the URL Loop.

  • URL Loop Start Item and the URL Loop End Item: Select the Start and End URL index numbers.

  • Loop Iterations: Fixed or Variable.

    • If Variable is selected, by clicking on the icon to the right you may create a new Var with a User Input Field


Hint: User Input Fields are freely configurable load test program options,
for which you are prompted when starting the load test:
For a User Input Field to take effect, you must assign its variable.

  • Select the Action if the planned duration of Load Test exceeded: Action has to be selected for either

    • Break/Abort URL Loop after the current iteration

    • Continue the loop iterations if the load test item exceeded.

  • Enable Pacing (Minimum Loop duration per User): Fixed or Variable.

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