Web Tools

The Web tools menu can be invoked from the main menu and contains four small utilities, which can help examine the data exchanged between the web browser and the webserver.

Tools / Utilities:


Web Tools: Contains four small utilities which are helpful during the examination of the exchanged data between the Web browser and the Web server.

  • Base64 Text Transformation: Performs a base64 transformation, or its reverse operation, as appropriate. The base64 algorithm is often used to obfuscate values of CGI parameters. The reverse operation allows you to decode such obfuscated values.

  • Escape/Unescape URL/CGI Text Value: Accomplishes a URL-encoding transformation, or its reverse operation, as appropriate. This algorithm is often used to mask special characters within CGI parameters' values and is also used when HTML form parameters are transmitted to the Web server. Example: Z%FCrich = Zürich

  • Resolve DNS Name to IP Address: Query the default DNS server or (optional) a specific DNS server to translate a DNS name to IP V4 and IP V6 address(es).

  • Examine SSL Configuration of HTTPS Server - Encryption Protocols and Algorithms: Examines the SSL configuration of an HTTPS Web server "from outside" and displays hints about SSL misconfigurations.

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