ZebraTester Documentation


ZebraTester is a scripting tool that offers a range of features to make your work easier. The scripts can be used for load testing and monitoring. The Engine for both Load Testing and Monitoring is also part of the ZebraTester Tool. Its powerful GUI allows you to create sophisticated, custom load test/monitoring scripts easily and intuitively. All components are platform-agnostic across Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.



ZebraTester for ASM Synthetic Monitoring

Deploy and Monitor your API’s and applications with Load Test Scripts created by ZebraTester.


ZebraTester for Apica Load Test


Create Local and Global Load Test Scripts and Scenarios with ZebraTester

Create DevOps-style Load Test scripts and scenarios from a command-line.

Executing Load Test Programs

After the load test program has been called by the Project Navigator, you must enter the test input parameters for the test run (a single execution of the load test program is also called “test run”).

Distributed Load Tests

Load tests can also be transmitted and started on remote computers. Similarly, a “single” load test can be divided up and run on several computers, in which case the load-releasing computers are combined into a "virtual" application cluster.

Recording Extension Toolbar

The ZebraTester Extension provides an (Optional) Browser toolbar object and menu which you can use to control the recording of web surfing sessions in your browser.