6. Execution Control -User-Defined Transactions And Page Breaks

Add Transaction

The Transaction tab allows defining and adding Transactions into the recorded session.

Add Transaction Input Fields:

  • Transaction Name: Enter an arbitrary, unique transaction name.

  • End at Item: Select the end of the transaction. A transaction can end at any URL or can end at any page.

The measured results of the transactions are shown in the Load Test Result Detail menu:



Insert Page Break

The Page Break tab allows inserting belated Page Breaks into the recorded session.

Insert Page Break Input Fields:

  • Before/After Item: Inserts the page break before or after the specific URL position.

  • Page Description: Arbitrary description of the web page.

  • User's Think Time: The "human" page view delay in seconds.

  • User's Think Time Randomness: Random deviation of the page view delay in percent, recalculated every time when a simulated user calls the web page during the load test.


Hint: See also Insert Page Break at the left upper corner in Main Menu to insert a Page Break at the end of the currently recorded session.




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