Apica Data Repository a.k.a. The Apica Table Server

Apica Data Repository will help to accomplish the data sharing across the scripts during the execution, eliminating the need to attach data to the ZT script before executing to manage data. The ADR tool provides a shared data table that can be accessed by multiple scripts during  the execution to manage data ( CRUD operations)

To communicate with ADR for data retrieval and feeding, ZebraTester now includes new inline functions.


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Installation of ADR

The ADR User Interface

Accessing the ADR with Inline Scripts

ZebraTester inline functions to interact with ADR

getTableRow(tableName, columnNames) Retrieves the first row of each column given. columnNames separated by semicolon

getTableRowByColumn(tableName, matchColumnNames, matchColumnValues, outputColumnNames) Retrieves the first row of column values that matches given column names and values. User can also supply the output columns to be retrieved , but it is optional . In case of multiple input, the values of matchColumnNames, matchColumnValues and outputColumnNames should be separated by a semicolon

getTableColumn(tableName, columnName) Retrieves the first row in that column setTableRow(tableName, columnNames, columnValues, type) Set the values of a row in a table(columnNames and columnValues separated by semicolon). Value of type can be ROW or UNIQUE or STACKED

setTableColumn(tableName, columnName, columnValue, uniqueFlag) Set a value to a single column of the table. Value of uniqueFlag can be 0 or 1

updateTableColumn(tableName, columnName, columnValue, uniqueFlag, rowIndex) Update a value to a single column of the table by row index. Value of uniqueFlag can be 0 or 1

getTableSize(tableName, columnName) Get the total size of the table on ATS . columnName is optional, it will be useful when there is a need to get the size of the particular column


ADR Rest end points