Apica Data Repository (ADR) aka Apica Table Server

The Apica Data Repository application matches the functionality up to and beyond the former “HP Virtual Table server.“ The ADR tool provides shared data tables that can be accessed by multiple scripts during the execution to manage data (C.R.U.D. operations). ADR will help accomplish the data sharing across the scripts during the execution, eliminating the need to attach data to the script before the execution to manage data.

ADR can be used in any use case where the script execution requires dynamic data, like feeding script with credentials, feeding script with security tokens, sharing data across different microservices scripts in the same application, etc. So basically, customers can save time by using the ADR tool, so it is apt for cost savings and flexibility. To communicate with ADR for data retrieval and feeding, ZebraTester now includes new inline functions.

Pros over the “HP Virtual Table Server”:

  1. Ease of use (Has a Rich GUI)

  2. Security (both in the GUI and API)

  3. Low Resource consumption

  4. Rich APIs support

  5. Scalability

  6. Better performance

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Installation of ADR

Accessing the ADR with Inline Scripts


ADR REST Endpoints

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