Recording Extension

The Zebra Tester Extension provides an (Optional) Browser toolbar object and menu which you can use to control the recording of web surfing sessions in your browser. It’s available for Chrome or Firefox.


Note: You need to have ZebraTester installed and the console running. The extension will then provide an interface to perform recordings of web sessions.


The Apica Recorder Extension allows you to record web surfing sessions in your browser and is available for Firefox, Version 60 and up, and Chrome, Versions 66 and up.

Once installed, start ZebraTester Console, then click on the Help button inside the Apica Script Recorder extension and follow the instructions.


In order to properly record Web sessions, Zebra Tester must act as a proxy to the transaction(s). As part of their value, the Firefox and Chrome extensions add this functionality, however for browsers without these extensions, they will need to be configured separately.

Cookies and Cache

In order to get a clean recording of the web session, the browser cache and cookies need to be cleaned out before recording.

Page Break

Page breaks are an excellent way to organize the steps in your web recording and the generated script.


You can add manual screenshots to your recording from the browser extension.

Record Web Session

With the browser extension, you can control the recording from the dropdown.


Some troubleshooting tips for recording with the Browser Extension.