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Zebra CLI


Zebra CLI is the non-graphical half of Apica’s Zebra Scripting Tools. Zebra CLI lets you create scripts using a YAML definition file instead of using a GUI. The definition file consists of several scripts that perform various actions. 

As the CLI implies it's a command-line interface tool, supporting both YAML and JSON languages and formatting, for creating scripts for Apica Load Testing and Synthetic Monitoring; no-proxy-configuration needed.

The command-line utility interprets the YAML definition to create and package script(s) for use in either Synthetic Monitoring or Load Test. 

Custom Java plugins and inline scripting can extend these scripts as needed. Then generate the test packages with the command line interface. Data can also be included from data files to use in the scripts.

Generated scripts can then be used both for monitoring in Apica Synthetic Monitoring and performance testing in the Apica Load Test without modification. 

Command Syntax

  • For each YAML-based Scenario, there is a named Script. 

  • That Script has Flow control. 

  • This Flow is broken into Named Pages, HTTP Methods (like GET and POST) that are issued to keywords (like URL and BEFORE). 

  • These Scenarios can contain named Transactions and named Loops that refer to their own Flows, which work like the top-level Flow, to allow for nesting of both transactions and loops. 

  • Keywords/Commands are always written in lowercase.  

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