PagerDuty Integration

PagerDuty + Apica Integration Benefits

  • Notify on-call responders based on alerts sent from Apica ASM.

  • Send enriched event data from Apica including links to visualizations and metrics that triggered the event.

  • Create high and low urgency incidents based on the severity of the event from the Apica triggered event.

  • Incidents will automatically resolve in PagerDuty when the metric in Apica ASM returns to normal.

How it Works

Any service availability check in Apica ASM be configured to trigger events of varying severity based on the thresholds set. When a service or collection of services violate the configured thresholds, Events can be escalated and routed directly to PagerDuty for alerting.

When the services return to normal, PagerDuty is automatically updated. 


Only active Apica and PagerDuty accounts are needed to use this integration..


If you need help with this integration, please contact:

Integration Walkthrough


In PagerDuty

Integrating With a PagerDuty Service

  1. From the Configuration menu, select Services.

  2. There are two ways to add an integration to a service:

    • If you are adding your integration to an existing service: Click the name of the service you want to add the integration to. Then, select the Integrations tab and click the New Integrationbutton.

    • If you are creating a new service for your integration: Please read our documentation in section Configuring Services and Integrations and follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Service section, selecting Apica as the Integration Type in step 4. Continue with the In Apica section (below) once you have finished these steps.

  3. Enter an Integration Name in the format monitoring-tool-service-name (e.g.  Apica-Shopping-Cart) and select  Apica from the Integration Type menu.

  4. Click the Add Integration button to save your new integration. You will be redirected to the Integrations tab for your service.

  5. An Integration Key will be generated on this screen. Keep this key saved in a safe place, as it will be used when you configure the integration with  Apica in the next section.


In Apica ASM

  1. Add a new PagerDuty integration by clicking the PagerDuty button under the Integrations menu.

  2. Click the Add PagerDuty account button.

  3. Enter your PagerDuty credentials and click Authorize Integration.

  4. If you have multiple PagerDuty accounts, select the account that you would like to use and click the Authorize Integration button. If you only have a single PagerDuty account, you will skip this step.

  5. Enter a name for your new PagerDuty Apica service, select an escalation policy to use then click the Finish Integration button.

  6. After clicking the Finish Integration button, you will see that the PagerDuty service has been added.

  7. Next, you will want to add the PagerDuty integration as a notification method for.Click on Manage, then Alerts.

  8. Toggle from Alerts to Recipients in the upper right hand corner.

  9. Find the user that you would like to send PagerDuty notifications, alternatively you can create a new user.

  10. Click on the +PagerDuty logo next to the account name to add it as a notification method. Select the service from the drop-down menu, give the target a Name and then click the Add PagerDuty Target button.

  11. Congratulations! You have now integrated Apica with your PagerDuty account. Now, when an alert triggers and is resolved within Apica, it will notify PagerDuty and incidents within PagerDuty will be automatically resolved once they are restored within Apica. Should you need any further assistance, please contact our support team.

How to Uninstall

In Apica ASM

  1. Go to Integrations -> Pagerduty

  2. Click the trashcan icon next to the PagerDuty integration you want to remove.