Apica Google Analytics Data Policy

There are two use-cases for Google Analytics (1) Display of the ASM Dashboard, (2) Creating a Google Analytics Real-Time Check.

GA and the ASM Dashboard

For the Apica ASM Dashboard, we gather these Google Analytics metrics for display:

  • ga:visits

  • ga:visitors

  • ga:pageviews

  • ga:pageviewsPerVisit

  • ga:avgPageLoadTime

  • ga:newVisits,

  • ga:percentNewVisits,

  • ga:avgSessionDuration,

  • ga:visitBounceRate,

Apica does not store them; it only shows the values for this page.

GA and the ASM Google Analytics Real-time Check

When Apica creates a Google Analytics Real-Time check, we gather these metrics:

Apica stores these metric values as check results in our SQL/Mongo database.

  • We store these values for up to 1 year for raw data

  • Aggregated data (e.g., median, average, min, max by hours, weeks, months) is stored as long as the user has an active subscription in Apica Synthetic Monitoring.