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Synthetic Monitoring (ASM) System Reference


Apica is much more than traditional synthetic monitoring.

Apica Synthetic Monitoring (ASM) not only allows you to monitor your websites in real-time from a large number of global locations with real browser agents. But our unique monitoring platform can also be used privately, on-premises, or in a hybrid fashion depending on your business, security, or technical needs.

We can monitor HTTP/HTTPS and the certificates that underpin HTTP2.

  • Critical Integrations, APIs, and scenarios that a modern Enterprise depends on are available at Apica.


And if you’re coming from an Applications Load Testing background, you’ll be pleased that the work your teams have done to script a load testing scenario can be re-deployed as long-term monitoring scripts anywhere on our global platform, to provide a sense of daily, normal, performance.

ASM Features

Real Browsers

Easily measure and analyze the performance of all application components across Chrome, Firefox*, and IE browsers. This includes stylesheet rendering, image loading, and video streaming, as well as calls to social media, blogs, ads, and other content sources.

User Scenario Analysis

Apica offers advanced user scenario analysis. Use Selenium’s popular functional test for monitoring advanced user tasks, such as making a purchase, searching for a flight, logging on to a website, and more.

Easy Reporting

Produce performance and SLA reports for both technical and managerial staff. Reports can be sent out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Create reports on the fly in the reporting dashboard.

Instant Alerts

Apica identifies issues as they arise and sends real-time alerts via SMS and email before a performance degradation is noticed. Integrate with an internal monitoring system using Apica REST API.

API Monitoring

Our powerful ZebraTester scripting tool for load testing can also be used to script your critical APIs for applications and gateways.

Custom Monitoring Checks

Go beyond web monitoring. Monitor the things that the website relies on like SSL Certificates, DNS Services. And cover your legacy monitoring needs like FTP, Desktop Application, Ports, and more.

Apica can handle custom checks or that can be run internally, hosted on-premises. We can also monitor Google PageSpeed, Google Analytics, AppDynamics, User journeys, Mobile Apps, and more.

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Desktop Application Check

Desktop Application Monitoring?

Desktop Application Monitoring for Windows Desktop Applications, an MS Windows Desktop Application monitoring solution consisting of:

  1. A Desktop Application Recorder (DAR) Application

  2. A Desktop Application Check (DAC) Type

Go beyond monitoring HTTP/HTTPS website applications and APIs.

DAC User Guide He