Apica Load Test Terminology

The following terms will help users understand the Apica Load Test (ALT) solution and how to use it to fulfill their load testing needs.






A project is a container for one to many test instances

Test Instance

A test instance is a container for one to many Load Test Results. When you configure a Load Test, you will assign it to an instance, where it will be stored when the test is completed

Test or Load Test

A single load test. The primary purpose of using ALT is to create and run load tests using a combination of scripts and supporting settings, which are defined when completing the Create New Loadtest wizard


In the context of the ALT Portal, a job is a running or completed Load Test or Scenario. Running and completed jobs can be viewed from the Loadtest > Jobs page.


The component of the load test which defines the user journey, even if that user journey is a single URL call. Scripts can be created from individual URL calls, from a Selenium script, or from a ZebraTester script. ZebraTester scripts are most commonly utilized for use in Load Tests or Scenarios


A collection of load tests which are grouped together and executed concurrently using common configuration settings


A collection of settings which is applied when creating a load test. Aids in the creation of load tests when a user wishes to apply a set of common settings to several different load tests, but run them separately and not as a Scenario. Presets are specified when creating a Load Test via the API

Performance Monitor Agent

The Performance Monitoring Agent is a service that collects performance metrics at regular intervals. The collected data is sent to a controller server which stores the data in a database administered by Apica. Examples of metrics collected by the agent include CPU usage, memory usage, network, and disk utilization

Executing Agent

A Linux or Windows machine which is responsible for running some or all of a Load Test or Scenario. The machine must have ZebraTester installed on it in order to execute load tests



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