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Description: displays statistical overview diagrams (in real-time) about a load test job.




The values shown in the diagrams are captured at regular intervals, depending on the


Statistic Sampling Interval


, which was selected when the load test was started.


Concurrent Users

The total number of simulated users.

Users Waiting For Response

The number of users who are waiting for a response from the webserver.

Session Failures

The number of failed sessions - which is the same as the number of fatal errors.

Session Time per User - per Loop

The session time for one loop per simulated user. This value is the sum of "the response time of all URLs and all user's think times" per successfully completed loop.

Web Transaction Rate

The number of (successful) completed URL calls per second measured overall simulated users.

Completed Loops per Minute

The number of (successful) completed loops (sessions) per minute measured overall simulated users.

TCP Socket Connect Time

The time in milliseconds (per URL call) to open a new network connection to the webserver.

Network Throughput

The total network traffic which is generated by this load test job, measured in megabits per second.